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We could be daytime drunks if we wanted.

Sometimes I don't update for days. I hate livejournal. >:O

Umm Rilo Kiley is coming here with Coldplay September 10th. I wish I had known about this 2 weeks ago when tix first went on sale, because now there are only lawn seats left. Oh well. I'm still going to go, I'm on a total RK kick right now. Loves.

LIZ left for Europe today. Three whole weeks! Wtf is that! Now I only have Jessie to talk to on AIM :( and Angela sometimes :( And she's coming back the 11th of July, and I'm leaving for New York July 8. So I won't be able to talk to her for a real, long extended period of time for a while... We're still trying to sort out everything for her to come down here. I hope it'll work :\

Crap. I just remembered I have summer reading to do. It's not as much as it was last year, thank GOD, but wtf, we're like... the only school that I know of in Wake County that has this shit. F U Middle Creek. F U. I better start reading :(


PS: I think my mood for the last million entries has been "hungry." X___X
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