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[25 Jul 2005|04:22pm]
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[24 Jul 2005|05:51pm]
I'm homeeeee.
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[06 Jul 2005|12:30pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post or said something in one of their posts, I love you all.

As I predicted, it's been a pretty sucky birthday so far. I wanted to get my driving permit today, but we had to go to the high school to get some form and guess what? It's closed all this week for 4th of July. So I can't get it this week, and I leave for New York on Friday so I'll have to wait until I get back on the 24th to go get it. dklfajsf;edofisklf.

Also, my two best friends nevadinova and steveangel are out of town today. Wtf.

But my dad did buy me a pink mini iPod so... that's cool. I could've lived without it but my dad kept bothering me and telling me to get it. Whatever.

I wish I could go to Harris Teeter or something and put Conor's face on a cake and write R.I.P. That would seriously be the best cake ever.


PS: Another new layout. itsmorning. The other layout was cool, but the links on the friends page were like, white, so I couldn't tell who was posting where and it really bugged me. This new one is nice.

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[06 Jul 2005|12:19am]

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[04 Jul 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | upset ]

This birthday is seriously gonna suck ass.

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[03 Jul 2005|12:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]

G105 (our local hit radio station) is doing some "hijack weekend" or something. It's pretty amazing, they're playing all these cool old 90's songs. I knew something was up when they played NSYNC and Ace of Base and my favorite 80s metal band QUIET RIOT (Thank you, Grand Theft Auto) in a row. But then they played Drop It Like It's Hot, and while I very much like that song, I was hoping for more oldiez. And now they're playing some weird remix of Since U Been Gone. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

So tomorrow's July 4? That's always such a boring holiday because we never have anyone to celebrate with. So we sit around all day or go swimming maybe and go see fireworks. Lame.

Okay. I'm off to find something to eat or something. Bye.

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[02 Jul 2005|09:43pm]
I'm bored.Collapse )

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[01 Jul 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Last night umm I went to Regency to watch RAY with Jessie steveangel and Lindsey whenyou_scream It was so effing long, god. We just laughed and laughed and I said "scene beans" all night because that's my new favorite word thanks to Candace hispanics. And then there was this guy, he came and set up his chair right near us like halfway through the movie and just like, layed down, lmfao he was really creepy. AND THEN HE TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF. WTF. Then he put it back on and left when the movie was almost done.. .................... rofl and he left his cell phone in the grass so we were like KJDFSKA GET IT but I was scared cause I thought he would come back and rape us being the weirdo he was. But we got it for like 2 seconds and his contacts popped up and one was called After Hours HAHAHA. We put it back where it was and like 2 minutes later he came back like a freak searching through the grass for it. Then he found it and he left for good. and we talked about Conor being dead too. It was fun.

a few picturesCollapse )

That's it. BYE.

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[29 Jun 2005|05:59pm]
Okay, so, I'd like to thank Candace hispanics for being a genius and winning at the internets.

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[22 Jun 2005|05:06am]
[ mood | scared ]

I went to the dentist today. They told me I have to get my wisdom teeth removed or it'll mess up my bottom teeth again. As a result of this news, I've been crying/on the verge of crying/freaking out all day becaue I am absolutely terrified. They're going to put me to sleep. Ever since I watched some thing on the discovery channel about people's anesthesia wearing off and them waking up during surgery and feeling EVERYTHING, I told myself I'm never going to get surgery. Granted, those people were having heart surgery and I'm only getting teeth removed, but still. I am so scared. :'(

But I went shopping afterwards & got some cute stuff from Delia's & Aeropostale which made me a little happier. Actually, it didn't but whatever.

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[21 Jun 2005|12:08pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm angry. Rilo Kiley wasn't on Craig Ferguson last night, they're on tonight. God, someone really messed that up. I'm so confused. Whateva.

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[20 Jun 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I just noticed Iron and Wine is here in... 2 days. Damn. I can't belive I didn't see that. Whatever. And I'm never going to get over that Maria Taylor is going to be here while I'm in New York. Have I mentioned that I just want her and Conor to mate just so I can see the nose on the kid? Oh boy...

Rilo Kiley is on Craig Ferguson or something tonight. I think they'll play Portions for Foxes - or, at least, I hope so. For some reason I lovelovelove that song live. Oh, and the video for it. Jenny Lewis looks hawt in that video. Which isn't necessarily any different from usual, but w/e.

In two and a half weeks I'll be in New York. YESSSSS. New York is so much better than North Carolina. Well, anything is better than NC, actually. Brit - I think you read this - I'm sure you've heard Aunt Jenny's CD?! Hahahaha my mom won't stop listening to it. I never knew she was such a good singer! ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay, I'm going to go to murder my sister now. She is so annoying. ksdfjsdkl;fjakld BYE.

ps; audioscrobbler?

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[18 Jun 2005|07:58pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


ohh darci darci

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We could be daytime drunks if we wanted. [18 Jun 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Sometimes I don't update for days. I hate livejournal. >:O

Umm Rilo Kiley is coming here with Coldplay September 10th. I wish I had known about this 2 weeks ago when tix first went on sale, because now there are only lawn seats left. Oh well. I'm still going to go, I'm on a total RK kick right now. Loves.

LIZ left for Europe today. Three whole weeks! Wtf is that! Now I only have Jessie to talk to on AIM :( and Angela sometimes :( And she's coming back the 11th of July, and I'm leaving for New York July 8. So I won't be able to talk to her for a real, long extended period of time for a while... We're still trying to sort out everything for her to come down here. I hope it'll work :\

Crap. I just remembered I have summer reading to do. It's not as much as it was last year, thank GOD, but wtf, we're like... the only school that I know of in Wake County that has this shit. F U Middle Creek. F U. I better start reading :(


PS: I think my mood for the last million entries has been "hungry." X___X

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[15 Jun 2005|11:29am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yesterday was fun. I went to the mall with Jessie.

  • Went to ICING! I bought a bunch of bracelets and a necklace, and sunglasses.

  • Went to the book store and Jessie bought the new AP with AFI.
    Wtf, they used the worst picture ever. The one where Davey's hair is
    gay and they're in the woods or something. I've been meaning to take
    that poster down, it's so GROSS.

  • Went to Hot Topic and checked out the Glitterboy oh my god lmao
    there was like, two things and that's it. It was really ghetto.

  • I got a free milkshake from Burger King! Then we went to the CD
    store and they didn't have the A Small Victory CD so obviously that
    means someone bought it! YES! I looked for cheap DVDs there but it
    wasn't happening so we went to...

  • Suncoast. I was trying to look for Troop Beverly Hills cause
    Jenny Lewis is in that movie, but I couldn't find it. I guess I'll just
    pay close attention to Disney Channel for it to come on. I again looked
    for cheap DVDs and had some luck but decided I didn't want to buy any.

  • We went to some store called umm Lightyears? I think that's what
    it was called but it was pretty sweet. I got the CUTEST purse ever ever
    ever and another pair of  hot shades, yo.

  • Went to Claire's and bought more bracelets. Yesss!

  • Walked towards Pac Sun cause that store is lyk sew kewl and we
    saw TRISH! And talked to her for 2 seconds and idk I think we left
    after that.

I went home and ate and got my stuff together and then went back to Jessie's....

  • Walked around the lake. It was SO. HOT.

  • Watched TV for the rest of the night waiting for Jimmy Kimmel/The
    Faint. THEY WERE SO GOOD omg we were freaking out and raping the TV and
    lmao I almost cried. I love them. I love them!

  • This morning we just stayed inside cause it's way too freakin'
    hot to go outside. We danced to The Faint. It was gr8. My mom picked me
    up at like, 3 and umm yeah.

Pictures! Beware: I look majorly retarded in 1/3 of these picturesCollapse )

Haha. The END!
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[13 Jun 2005|10:31am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I love Rachel McAdams. I can't wait for her new movie. I wish I had The Notebook. But unfortunately I don't so I'll stick to watching Mean Girls all the time. Hahahahaha.

I'm looking forward to going to the mall today because I won a free shake from Burger King. I love food, especially when it's free.

K. Going to curl up on the couch now until Jessie decides to come back from away. I hate being a girl.

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[12 Jun 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I am so bored. Tomorrow I think I'm going to the mall with Jessie steveangel. It's about time I get out of the house and hang out with people!

Today was spent watching America's Next Top Model. Except that show Stripsearch interrupted the marathon like halfway through. F U Vh1.

My sister is retarded. Her new favorite phrase is "you rock out loud!" WTF. Please explain to me how you can rock out loud.

Mindy ___xobang, I owe you a visit. You need to tell me where your house is again.

I ♥ Marge 4 EVUR. Liz nevadinova may be coming down in like, July. Umm... sweet?! Did I mention this already? Hmmm.... oh well. I just mentioned it again. Hahahaha... hahahaha... ;)

New York in like... a month or so? Ugh, yes. I am so EXCITED. Going to New York is always the best part of my summer. Maybe Jared will wipe his ass after a dump with counter disinfectants again. I will die.

Yeah, so...

These guys on Made are totalhomosexuals. It's kind of obnoxious. Do gay guys talk like that on purpose? I think they do.

K. Bye.

PS: LMFAO AT THIS POST more specifically Jess' caesars comment! HAHAHA I JUST SAW THAT NOW. That was the best video I ever made. Ever.

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Stupid. [11 Jun 2005|12:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I don't like dreams. I don't like tornadoes. I don't like dreams including tornadoes. Yet I always manage to be scared shitless at night because tornadoes always find their way into my dreams. Like last night. I was on my computer outside it seemed, and I was commenting on Jess's myspace about a tornado that was going to be hitting her area. There was a tornado off in the distance I could see from where I was sitting, but I paid no attention to it and went on doing whatever I was doing on my computer. I was just about to post the comment on Jess' page when the tornado hit me and blew me and my laptop over. After like, 2 seconds it seemed it was gone and <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~nevadinova>Liz</a> appeared and we were talking about our broken laptops. I started to walk around trying to find a way out because it seemed I was in a plane that had crashed during the tornado now. Everyone was dead. The pilots were hanging from restraints or something. Dead. I went to a lower level and more dead people. Everywhere. Then I woke up. I was hoping for it to be like, 5 or 6 so I could just get up and avoid going back to sleep. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I was afraid to go back to sleep because I was scared I was going to resume that dream. It was 1:45. I had the image of dead people in my head for a half hour, desperately trying to keep myself from going back to sleep. I reached over and turned on the radio in hopes that "Rich Girl" would keep me awake. Anything to keep me away from that dream. I eventually fell asleep. I didn't keep dreaming about that though, thank god. Hmmm. I guess I'm more afraid of tornadoes than I thought I was... Today was my last day of driving. YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS. I hated that part of drivers ed. Jklj;ajsdfldsj. I have to babysit tonight. I hate babysitting. I seem to hate a lot of things. This entry is long enough.... bye!

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[10 Jun 2005|09:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I drink too much soda.

I heard you gain like, 15 pounds for every soda you drink or something.

Guess I'm screwed. Hmm.

Drove again today. To downtown Raleigh & Garner and stuff. I don't like how my instructor tells me to brake all the time. Wtf, do you think I am a DUMBASS? I apologize for not being a perfect driver in my second day of driving. I also apologize for not being able to do a three point turn perfectly in a narrow space. When I got home today I passed out for about two hours. Thank god tomorrow's the last day....

Today I also became apart of the iPod crew of the world. Mini. Blue. It's pretty. I have to share it with my sister but she only has like 50 songs so it's all goooooooood.

Happy birthday to Trish, my sister, my dad, and my grandma. Cool.

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[09 Jun 2005|02:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Last night was eventful.

pictures and a story.Collapse )

And today... today was the first part of the driving of drivers ed. I was nervous at first but when I started driving around it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We drove all over Apex/Cary and it was okay. Lmao I think my teacher like, hates me idk. He's weird. I had to get up at 6:30 wtf no. And I have to for the next two days :( Gay. Whatever. Every day is one day closer to my driver's license.

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